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Dallas Residential Interior Design
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Dallas Residential Interior Design

Our Dallas residential interior design services encompass a wide variety of styles and tastes. From classic to modern, to eclectic, vintage and luxury, our goal is to achieve the desired look you envision. In addition to aesthetics, we bring thoughtful attention to lifestyle, as well as acoustics, air flow and air quality.

Working with custom builders, architects and builders as needed, our expertise takes projects from conceptualization through completion. A team of experienced installers executes our designs, efficiently transforming the home of your dreams into reality. We provide the comprehensive care your space needs from start to finish.

Interior Design Decorating Tips

Step 1
Pick Essentials Before Color

Rather than choosing a color scheme before you move in, get the essentials—such as rugs, upholstered furniture, curtains, artwork, and more—that you will need in the space and use them to inspire your color scheme. When purchasing items for your home, take into account the other elements in the space and be mindful of creating balance and cohesion with the color scheme.

Step 3
Mix & Match Different Textures

For flooring, you might consider using a natural wood grain with lots of character, such as teak or oak. This will create a warm, cozy atmosphere and contrast nicely with a neutral colored wall. On the walls, consider a light grey or cream for a light, airy look that will not be overpowering. Then, accessorize with natural elements like a thick woven jute rug, chunky knit throw blankets, velvet cushions, and colorful ceramics to add an interesting visual element.

Step 2
Stray Away from Trends

The key to success is staying true to your own style and not succumbing to trends. For instance, instead of adding what is considered to be “on trend” this season, take some time to really consider your likes and dislikes. Add furniture and pieces of art that speak to your personal style, as these are items you will love for years to come. There’s nothing wrong with keeping up with trends, but focus on incorporating pieces you love, not what everyone else is buying. Your space should feel unique to you and only you.

Benefits of Hiring and Interior Designer

Why you should hire an interior designer.