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Why Work with an Interior Designer?

An interior designer is worth the investment because they can help create a unique, beautiful, and functional space. They will use their expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life, taking into account the overall design and space plan, material selection, lighting design, and furniture selection. 

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    Before You Reach Out

    Knowing exactly what your needs are before meeting with an interior designer can help the meeting go more smoothly. The more detailed you can be about the kind of changes you want to make to your home, the more the designer will be able to create a plan of action for you. Be prepared to discuss your budget, timelines, design styles and preferences, any specific requests you have, and what type of advice you’re looking for from the designer. This information will help the designer get a good sense of your overall vision for the project and come up with the best ideas for making it a reality.

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    8 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer


    A designer can help you transform your home into a space you love. From layout to style and budget considerations, we'll make sure your new home design meets all your needs.


    Designers have the know-how and experience to help make your project a success. With construction and renovation expertise and hospitality experience, we can help you find the perfect solution for any design problem – traffic flow, kitchen cabinet placement and storage, flooring in indoor-outdoor spaces – you name it!


    Feeling overwhelmed by your home renovation project? Working with a professional designer can help you navigate the hundreds of decisions needed quickly, ensuring your project is completed on time and within your budget.

    Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Are you thinking about DIY-designing your living room? While you'll need to purchase furniture and other essentials, it pays to hire a professional designer to make sure it is the perfect size and comfort for you and your family, and that it will stand up over time.


    Let a professional designer help you get the look you want without breaking the bank. With access to trade pricing and advice on where to save and where to splurge, a good designer can ensure your money is well-spent.


    Discover the perfect furniture piece for your space with the help of a designer! With the right design and material, you can find exactly what you need - be it a banquette, bed, or bookcase - no compromises!

    Un-Fun Tasks

    Let our team take care of all your ordering, shipping, dealing with multiple vendors, and subcontractor management needs.

    They're Well Connected

    When you hire an interior designer, you’re not just getting one person.

    How to Decide

    Consider these important factors before making a final commitment:

    “ Monica was wonderful to work with. She listened to what I was wanting to do and she executed everything beautifully! I will be using Monica McCaskill Interiors for my next home design project!”
    Carrie McKenzie, Dallas, Texas

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